Heng-Tong Ding

Opening Ceremony of Lattice 2019

Robert Edwards

Hadron Spectroscopy

Changzheng Yuan

Recent results from BESIII Experiment

Anthony Francis

Recent development in LQCD studies on tetraquarks

Steven Gottlieb

Lattice QCD Impact on Determination of CKM Matrix: Status and Prospects

Jian Liang

Hadronic Tensor and Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering

Xiangdong Ji

100 Years of Proton

Owe Philispen

Constraining the QCD phase diagram at finite temperature and density

Hiroshi Ohno

Recent progress on in-medium heavy flavor physics from lattice QCD

Andrew Lytle

B→D* form factors, R(D*), and |Vcb|

Yong Zhao

Theoretical Devopment of the LaMET Approach to Parton Physics

Nikhil Karthik

Lattice Computations of PDF: Challenges and Progress

Yutie Liang

Physics programs and status of EicC

Tanmoy Bhattacharya

Review of results of recent nucleon structure and matrix element calculations

Hiroshi Ohki

Computing Nucleon Electric Dipole Moments from Lattice QCD

Luchang Jin

QED∞ in muon g-2, hadron spectroscopy, and beyond

Kate Clark

GPUs for Lattice Field Theory

Xiangfei Meng

China's Efforts on Supercomputing: Progress and Applications

Vera Gülpers

Recent Devopment of Muon g-2 from Lattice QCD

Dikai Li

The Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab and the First Physics Run

Michael Wagman

Recent developments in LQCD studies of hadron interactions

Shinya Gongyo

Recent progress of two-baryon problem and  ΩΩ interaction on the lattice

Akaki Rusetsky

Three particles on the lattice

Vincent Drach

Strongly interacting electroweak symmetry breaking models

Margarita Garcia Pérez

Prospects for large N gauge theories on the lattice

Toru Kojo

Delineating the properties of neutron star matter in cold, dense QCD

Karl Jansen

Quantum computing zeta regularized vacuum expectation values